VILLAGE DRIVE INS ’71 (your thoughts, please)

Okay, a formatting change here.

Initially I had intended on listing each individual drive in and tabling their engagements, however that has proven to be a right ol’ pain.

Instead I want your thought on how I have bundled the drive ins for each chain together (starting with Village, below).

This format allows the reader to compare supporting features (an often main features) and also saves me a lot of duplication, time and resources. It also saves about 20 tabs on the venue section of the main page.

So tell me what you think – the abbreviated venue names will be explained in the main page of the particular section.

You, the reader is the key here. If you prefer this format then I will upload it properly, redo the 1970 data and get on with the Hoyts titles.

Please comment below.



7/1/71The LosersBRK CROY DAN ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOunnamed supportsKissin' Cousins & A Time To Sing (NTH2 - Sunday)
El CondorCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
14/1/71Anne Of The Thousand DaysBRK CROY DAN ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOFOUp The Junction & Carnival Of Thieves (NTH2 - Sunday)
The LosersCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
21/1/71The Cheyenne Social ClubBRK CROY DAN ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOunnamed supportsThe Nutty Professor & It's Only Money (NTH2 - Sunday)
Anne Of The Thousand DaysCLAY2 NTH2FO
28/1/71AirportBRK CROY DAN ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOunnamed supportsThe Pit And The Pendulum & The Innocents (BRK) / & Captain Clegg (NTH1) / & The Devil's Messenger (MOO) (SUNDAY)

Curse Of The Crimson AltarCLAY2 NTH2The Blood Beast Terror
4/2/71AirportSUN NTH1 TOO ROW MOOFOBeneath The Planet Of The Apes & Rio Conchos & "Marcia Jones and the Velvet" (live musical act) (NTH2) (Sunday)
The BoatniksCROYVenetian Affair
The BoatniksDANThe Spy In Lace Panties
The BoatniksBRKThe Liquidator
Beneath The Planet Of The ApesCLAY2The Inspector
Beneath The Planet Of The ApesNTH2 FRARio Conchos
11/2/71Carry On CampingTOO ESS CROYShalakoPoint Blank & Three Bites Of The Apple & "The Push" & "The Village Belles" (live musical acts) NTH2 (Sunday)
Carry On CampingNTH1 SUN MOO RES DAN ROW FRA BRKRide A Wild Horse
18/2/71Born LosersBRK CROY DAN ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOThe Wild AngelsA Man Called Gannon & What's So Bad About Feeling Good? & "The Pendulum" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)
Carry On CampingFRAunnamed supports
25/2/71Mon Oncle BenjaminBRK CROY DAN ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOO FRAunnamed supportsThe Hill & Too Many Thieves & "Marcia Jones And The Velvet" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)
4/3/71The Out Of TownersFRA NTH1 ROW SUN TOOChange Of HabitThe Haunted House Of Horror & The Comedy Of Terrors (CROY) / & The Name Of The Game Is Kill (MOO) (Sunday Midnight)

Isle Of Terror & Night Of The Big Heat (BRK & NTH1) (Sunday Midnight)

Curse Of The Crimson Altar & The Blood Beast Terror (FRA) (Sunday Midnight)

Mon Oncle BenjaminCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
11/3/71The AdventurersBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOFOThe Liquidator & Assassination In Rome & "The Big Push" (live musical act) (NTH2) (Sunday)
Once Upon A Time In The WestCLAY2 NTH2The Out Of Towners
18/3/71ZBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOunnamed supportsThe Amorous Adventures Of Moll Flanders & Boeing-Boeing & "Marcia Jones and the Velvet" (live musical act) (NTH2) (Sunday)
The AdventurersCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
25/3/71A Man Called HorseBRK ESS FRA ROW TOOMister JericoFive Card Stud & Fever Heat & "The Pendulum" (live musical act) (NTH2) (Sunday)
CROY DAN MOO NTH1 SUN RESThe Man Who Haunted Himself
The AdventurersCLAY2 NTH2FO
1/4/71The LibertineCROYFathomTorn Curtain & In Enemy Country & "Marcia Jones and the Velvet" (live musical act) (NTH2) (Sunday)
ROWThe Boston Strangler
DAN SUNOur Man Flint
MOOThe Inspector
ESS100 Rifles
RESA Guide For The Married Man
NTH1The Enemy Below
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance KidTOOFathom
A Man Called HorseCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
8/4/71ChisumCROY MOO DAN RESCool Hand LukeThe Prize & "The Sundels" (live musical act) (NTH2) (Sunday)

The Dunwich Horror & Shadow Of Fear (CROY) / & Five Million Years To Earth (FRA) / & Rasputin The Mad Monk (MOO) (Sunday Midnight)

The Haunted House Of Horror & 20,000 Eyes (BRK) / & The Innocents (NTH1) (Sunday Midnight)

ROWThe Bank Breaker
TOO SUNThe Chastity Belt
ESSThe Naked Runner
BRKThe Double Man
NTH1First To Fight
The LibertineCLAY2 NTH2 FRAunnamed supports
15/4/71WoodstockBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOFOHud & Counterfeit Killers & "Marcia Jones and the Velvet" (live musical act) (NTH2) (Sunday)
ChismCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
22/4/71The Vampire LoversCROYOur Man FlintGuns For San Sebastian & The Man, The Woman And The Money & "Virgo" (live musical act) (NTH2) (Sunday)
DAN SUNThe Comancheros
ESS MOO Tony Rome
FRAA Guide For The Married Man
TOO RES The Boston Strangler
BRKVon Ryan's Express
NTH1The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
WoodstockCLAY2 NTH2FO
29/4/71The GrasshopperCROY FRA TOO ESSKillers ThreeThe Vampire Lovers & Rasputin The Mad Monk & "The Vibrants" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)
ROWThe Producers
SUN3 In The Attic
The Vampire LoversCLAY2The Boston Strangler
NTH2Rasputin The Mad Monk
6/5/71Carry On Up The KhyberBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOCarry On CampingA Boy Named Charlie Brown (BRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOO) (7.30 nightly)

The Sons Of Katie Elder & Gunn & "Marcia Jones And The Velvet" (live musical act) (Sunday)
The GrasshopperCLAY2Killers Three
NTH2Devils 8
13/5/71Darling LiliBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOFOThe Fixer & Honeymoon Hotel & "Virgo" (live musical act) Sunday NTH2
A Man Called HorseCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
20/5/71Perfect FridayCROYBandoleroMadigan & Hell With Heroes & "Marcia Jones And The Velvet" (live musical act) Sunday NTH2
ROW SUNThe Kremlin Letter
FRAThe Detective
DAN BRKThe Boston Strangler
MOOA Guide For The Married Man
RESThe Undefeated
NTH1Prudence And The Pill
TOODon't Drink The Water
Darling LiliNTH2 CLAY2FO
27/5/71God Forgives, I Don'tCROYThe Kremlin LetterMove & The Boston Strangler & (unnamed musical act) Sunday NTH2
ROWLady In Cement
DANTony Rome
MOOThe St. Valentine's Day Massacre
BRKThe Enemy Below
RESVon Ryan's Express
NTH1The Detective
MoveCLAY2 FRAPrudence And The Pill
NTH2The Boston Strangler
TOOCover Me Babe
The GraduateSUNThe Charge Of The Light Brigade
3/6/71Every Home Should Have OneCROY MOO NTH1 DUN DAN ESSMister JerichoSand Of The Kalahari & Targets & "The New Dream" (live musical act) Sunday NTH2
ROW TOO RES BRKThe Man Who Haunted Himself
God Forgives, I Don'tNTH2 CLAY2 FRAunnamed supports
10/6/71I Love...My WifeBRK DAN CROY NTH1 RES ESS TOOBarbarellaAssault on A Queen & Sullivan's Empire & "The Soundells" (live musical act) Sunday NTH2

Twisted Nerve & Fu Manchu (various films from series) FRA CROY MOO BRK NTH1 Sunday Midnight

Every Home Should Have OneFRAThe Man Who Haunted Himself
CLAY2Carry On Follow That Camel
NTH2Danger Grows Wild
17/6/71Two Mules For Sister SaraCROYFraulein DoktorWinning & The Italian Job & "mystery live act" Sunday NTH2
ROWThe Strange Affair
DANUp The Junction
MOODiamonds For Breakfast
TOOThe Odd Couple
BRKAnyone Can Play
RESWaterhole #3
NTH1Danger: Diabolik
WinningCLAY2 NTH2The Italian Job
I Love...My WifeFRABarbarella
24/6/71Catch-22CROYRiotZulu & The Daring Game & "The Soundells" (live musical act) Sunday NTH2
ROW5 Card Stud
DANMission Impossible
MOODrop Dead, Darling!
SUNUp The Junction
ESSDiabolically Yours
NTH1The Brain
Two Mules For Sister SaraCLAY2 NTH2 FRAunnamed supports
1/7/71Start The Revolution Without MeBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOMister Ten PercentCoogan's Bluff & The Killers & "The Action" (live musical act) Sunday NTH2
Doctor ZhivagoCLAY1FO
Catch-22CLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports

The Baby MakerTOOVon Ryan's ExpressRed Line 7000 & Gambit & "Noddy And Big Ears" (live musical act) NTH2 Sunday
MOOValley Of The Dolls
RESPrudence And The Pill
DANJohn And Mary
SUNIn Like Flint
NTH1 Fathom
ROWThe Detective
ESS CROYThe Boston Strangler
BRK100 Rifles
Start The Revolution Without MeCLAY2 NTH2Mister Ten Percent
Doctor ZhivagoCLAY1FO
15/7/71There Was A Crooked ManCROY RESThe Double ManLive A Little, Love A Little & Too Many Crooks & "The Action" NTH2 Sunday
FRAThe Corrupt Ones
MOO DANThe Chastity Belt
SUNThe Bank Breaker
Doctor ZhivagoCLAY1FO
The Haunted House Of HorrorCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
22/7/71Carry On Again DoctorBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOAll The Way UpCurse Of The Demon & Rock Around The Clock & "unnamed live musical act" NTH2 Sunday
There Was A Crooked ManCLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
Elvis: That's The Way It IsCLAY1unnamed support
29/7/71Murphy's WarFRA NTH1 SUNWedding NightThe Wrecking Crew & Hammerhead (Sunday) NTH2
DAN CROY BRKUp In The Cellar
MOO RESRider On The Rain
TOOThe Libertine
ESS ROWThe Dunwich Horror
Carry On Again DoctorCLAY2 NTH2All The Way Up
Sweden: Heaven And HellCLAY1Last Day Of The War
5/8/71Something For EveryoneFRA NTH1 ROW SUN TOOTwisted NerveThe Dolls & Code 7, Victim 5 & "The Dream" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)
Monte WalshBRK CLAY1 CROY DAN ESS MOO RESDaddy's Gone A-Hunting
Murphy's WarCLAY2Rider On The Rain

NTH2Up In The Cellar
12/8/71CrescendoBRK NTH1Once You Kiss A StrangerCat Ballou & Duffy & "The Big Zeppelin Fashion Parade" (Sunday) NTH2
MOOThe Naked Runner
RESKona Coast
DAN ESSThe Double Man
ROWThe Chastity Belt
CROYThe Bank Breaker
Tora! Tora! Tora!CLAY1 FRA SUN TOOFO
The Great RaceCLAY2 NTH2FO
19/8/71ZeppelinBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOFOFinishing School & The Cheyenne Social Club & "The Pendulum" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)
Finishing SchoolCLAY2 NTH2The Cheyenne Social Club
The Computer Wore Tennis ShoesCLAY1cartoon shorts
26/8/71Little Faus And Big HalsyBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOThe Lost FlightSex And The Single Girl & The Violent Road & "The New Dream" (live musical act) (Sunday) NTH2
ZeppelinCLAY2 NTH2
The Computer Wore Tennis ShoesCLAY1
2/9/71Which Way To The Front?DAN NTH1 RES CROY MOO BRK ESSThe Last WarriorIdeal Marraige & Africa Erotica & "Terry Dean And The Action" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)
Ideal MarriageSUN NTH2Africa Erotica
FRA TOOBorn Losers
ROWThree In The Attic
The Computer Wore Tennis ShoesCLAY1Never A Dull Moment
Little Faus And Big HalsyCLAY2The Lost Flight
9/9/71Battle Of The BulgeBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 SUN TOOFOThe Pit And The Pendulum & Rider On The Rain & "The Pendulum" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)
The Pit And The PendulumNTH2 ROWunnamed support
Ideal MarriageCLAY2 RESunnamed support
Brewster McCloudCLAY1Zabriskie Point
16/9/71The Hard RideNTH1Von Ryan's ExpressSafari 5000 & Girls Of Shame & "The New Dream" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)

Theatre Of Death & A Study In Terror (NTH1) / & House Of 1000 Dolls (BRK MOO)
DANThe Kremlin Letter
RESIn Like Flint
CROYThe Detective
BRKThe Bravados
MOOThe Boston Strangler
ROW100 Rifles
Safari 5000NTH2 SUNGirls Of Shame
The ArrangementTOO FRA CLAY1The Fox
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance KidCLAY2FO
23/9/71The Virgin And The GypsyDANOne Born Every MinuteBattle Cry & "unnamed live musical act" (Sunday) NTH2
FRALady In Cement
ESSThe Kremlin Letter
CROYIn Like Flint
BRKA Guide For The Married Man
ROW TOOThe Games
MOODanger Has Two Faces
NTH1The Comancheros
SUNThe Boston Strangler
Safari 5000CLAY1unnamed support
The Hard RideCLAY2 NTH2unnamed support
30/9/71The Dirty DozenBRK CROY DAN ESS MOO NTH1 RESWhere Eagles DareStay Away Joe & The Young Runaways & "unnamed live musical act" (Sunday) NTH2

The Abominable Dr. Phibes & The Comedy Of Terrors (preview) (Monday) MOO
Alex In Wonderland CLAY 1The Legend Of Lylah Clare
The Devil's BrideFRA ROW SUN TOOLast Summer
The Virgin And The GypsyCLAY2 NTH2unnamed support
7/10/71The Rise And Rise Of Michael RimmerBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 ROW SUN TOOHotelLive A Little, Love A Little & Harum Scarum (Sunday) NTH2
Swedish Fanny HillRESunnamed support
Little MurdersCLAY2 NTH2unnamed support
14/10/71The Priest's WifeBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOThey Came To Rob Las VegasThe War Wagon & The Lively Set (Sunday) NTH2
The FixerCLAY1The Last Run
The Rise And Rise Of Michael RimmerCLAY2 NTH2Hotel
21/10/71Wuthering HeightsBRK CROY DAN ESS NTH1 TOOThunder AlleyThe Searchers & Born Reckless (Sunday) NTH2
RES ROWThe Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie
FRAThe Man Who Had Power Over Women
MOO SUNThe Games
The Night DiggerCLAY1Far From The Madding Crowd
The Priest's WifeCLAY2 NTH2unnamed support
28/10/71Doctor In TroubleBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOODarker Than AmberEye Of The Cat & Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (Sunday) NTH2
Wuthering HeightsCLAY2 NTH2unnamed support
2001: A Space OdysseyCLAY1FO
4/11/71The Omega ManBRK CROY DAN FRA ESS MOO NTH1 RES ROW SUN TOOunnamed supportsThe Hunters & Racing Blood (Sunday) NTH2
Doctor In TroubleCLAY2 NTH2Darker Than Amber
Dracula Has Risen From The GraveCLAY1Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed
11/11/71Mad Dogs And EnglishmenCLAY1 The Trouble WIth GirlsThe Omega Man & Crooks And Coronets & "The Velvet" (live musical act) NTH2 (Sunday)
NTH1The Split
The GrasshopperFRA ROWThe Virgin And The Gypsy
Butch Cassidy And The Sundance KidSUNFO
The Omega ManTOO NTH2Crooks And Coronets
CLAY2Chamber Of Horrors
18/11/71Le MansCROYThe Trygon FactorThe Gypsy Moths & Kenner (Sunday) NTH2
ROW SUNRhubarb
RESThe Plank
ESS MOO TOODoctor Terror's House Of Horrors
FRACarry On Don't Lode Your Head
The SundownersCLAY2 NTH2FO
The GrasshopperCLAY1The Virgin And The Gypsy
25/11/71Cactus In The SnowCLAY2The RavenThe Trouble With Girls & She (Sunday) NTH2***COMING SOON***
NTH1The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie
MOOKillers Three
BRK RESThe Dunwich Horror
M*A*S*H*FRA SUNJohn And Mary
TOOPrudence And The Pill
Le MansNTH2 ROWunnamed supports
2/12/71Rio LoboFRA RESRhubarbRiot & Fraulein Doktor (Sunday) NTH2
ROWThe Plank
TOOGoin' Down The Road
SUNAround The Bend
A New LeafNTH2The Lost Flight
CLAY2Downhill Racer
Countess DraculaCLAY1The Vampire Lovers
9/12/71House Of Dark ShadowsBRK CLAY1 CROY DAN ESS FRA MOO NTH1 RES SUNThe Fearless Vampire KillersThe Honeymoon Machine & Sin With A Stranger (Sunday) NTH2
The GrasshopperNTH2 TOOThe Virgin And The Gypsy
Every Home Should Have OneROWCarry On Camping
The Baby MakerCLAY2Wuthering Heights
16/12/71Raid On RommelBRK CROY DAN ESS FRA MOO NTH1 ROW SUN TOOA Company Of KillersRough Night In Jericho & P.J. (Sunday) NTH2

Rosemary's Baby (Sunday) RES
Which Way To The Front?CLAY2 NTH2unnamed supports
The One And Only Genuine, Original Family BandCLAY1 RESunnamed supports
23/12/71When Dinosaurs Ruled The EarthBRK CROY DAN ESS MOO NTH1 SUN TOOCity Beneath The SeaEl Dorado & The Vulture (Sunday) NTH2

The Italian Job & Barbarella (Sunday) RES

Murders In The Rue Morgue / & The Haunted Palace (FRA) / & The Dunwich Horror (CLAY1) / & Dstroy All Monsters (BRK CROY MOO) (Sunday Midnight)

Butch Cassidy And The Sundance KidCLAY2 NTH2Bedazzled
The AristocatsCLAY1 RESFO
Seven Women Per HeadROWYou're A Big Boy Now
Song Of NorwayFRAFO
30/12/71Billy JackBRK CROY ESSYou're A Big Boy NowTrog & / Who Is Buried In My Grave (FRA BRK) / & My Blood Runs Cold (MOO & NTH1) / & The Mummy (CLAY1) /& Two On A Guillotine (CROY) (Friday Midnight)

The Abominable Dr. Phibes & Scream And Scream Again (BRK CLAY1 CROY DAN ESS FRA MOO NTH1) (Monday midnight)

De Sade & The Losers (NTH2 CLAY2) (Monday)

DANThe Viscount
FRA NTH1 TOOI Love You, Alice B. Toklas
MOOThe Corrupt Ones
ROW SUNThe Cool Ones
The AristocatsCLAY1 RESFO
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3 Responses to VILLAGE DRIVE INS ’71 (your thoughts, please)

  1. Brian says:

    Dean — the way you have it here is perfect and would be the only way to handle the drive-in programming (with your sanity intact)

    And look at some of the movies that played in 1971 — “The Virgin and The Gypsy”? “The Sundowners”?! I suspect some of these arthouse movies may have been a hit with a 6-8 month run at, say, the Dendy Brighton, so Village thought it would be as big a hit for a week at the drive-ins (I suspect this will be more noticable with Hoyts’ attractions of this era)

    Also, their use of 4-5 year old movies as supporting features — that would never happen these days. Great to see Sharon Tate get top billing in “The Fearless Vampire Killers” — God knows, she deserved it in all the movies she made — she was that good.

    Those beautiful Village drive-in display ads were the cornerstone of the movie listings in The Herald and The Sun and Village’s use of movie pressbook materials was world class — if you could hunt down those that worked on these ads Dean, it might be a nice sidebar to your website.

    Everything these days is ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ on a computer — back then it was copy and paste (literally) with a bit of imagination and showmanship of the kind we don’t have today — it’s worth passing on to those discovering here, now, what most of us knew growing up 30-40 years ago.

    • Dean Brandum says:

      Cheers Brian!

      Yep, unless there is a rush of dissenting views, I’ll go with the new format.

      I’m hoping to include some interviews in time and their graphic designers would be prize people to find. I have a theory that the reason Village gained such a stronghold with their drive-in circuit was due to their striking display ads. Hoyts, at this time were just rehashing their old first run ads for when their films went to drive ins. Very, very dull indeed. It took a year or so until they tried to catch up.

  2. Shane says:

    Hi Dean,

    I Love the Drive-in format and feel it works well. It’s clean, logical and avoids unecessary repetition. It’s all there in a “one stop shop”.

    I’d forgotten just how amazing the layouts were around this time. I can now see why I looked forward to each Thursday to check it all out.


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